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Sr.No. Portal Name ePortal
1 Malegaon Municipal Corporation (mmc) https://mmc.etenders.in
2 Agriculture Universities (agro) https://agro.etenders.in
3 Urban Development (udd) https://udd.etenders.in
4 demo (demo) https://demo.etenders.in
5 Public Health Department (PHD) https://phd.etenders.in
6 Collector Offices of Maharashtra (CO) https://co.etenders.in
7 Sports Department (sports) https://sports.etenders.in
8 Maharashtra Sales Tax Department (MSTD) https://mstd.etenders.in
9 Tribal Department (Tribal) https://tribal.etenders.in
10 APMC (apmc) https://apmc.etenders.in
11 organizations (organizations) https://organizations.etenders.in
12 Cooperative Banks (bank) https://bank.etenders.in