Login utility has been upgraded from 01-Feb-2023. Please follow below steps: Click Here For Details
1. Uninstall Nxt crypto setup from Control panel
2. Uninstall Nxt crypto service set up from Control panel
3. Download and install Dc setUp from System Requirements
4. Download and install Nxtcrypto service SetUp from System Requirements
5. Reset the browser.
6. For more details, kindly refer the link Click here

  1. What are the prerequisites for this website?
    • As this application is java based, so we need to install the latest version of Java into the system. The application can work on java 7 update 25 or above.
  2. Is this application is browser independent?
    • Yes, user can access this application on any of the web browser.
    • Limitation for some popular web browsers:
      1. Mozilla: Latest version of Mozilla Firefox i.e. above 25.0 release
      2. Chrome: Latest version of Chrome i.e. above 35.0 releases
  3. How to register on website?
  4. How to Bid online?
  5. How do we pay the EMD Fee after taking print of the challan?
    • Please refer the Payment guidelines available on the portal home page under the link "How to - Make payment online".
  6. Whom to contact in case we have some query in the tender while bidding online?
    • You may contact our toll free number : Contact No : 9028672454,9356477055,9365492848,7506797596,9167246751,9167969601,8010208825 or mail us on helpdesk@nextenders.com
  7. On which OS, I can operate this website?
    • You may user windows 7 - Ultimate, Professional, Enterprise .
  8. If I can bid using only the signing certificates?
    • No, users must have to procure the Signing as well as Encryption digital signature certificates to bid online in the tender on this website. Please refer the link "how to procure DSC" available on the portal Home page.
NOTE: User must have to install the Digital Signature Setup utility available on the portal home page. "File name : NxtCryptoSetup.msi"