Minimum System Requirements

The user(s) (Bidder/Department) who perform activities on the e-Tendering Portal have to ensure that their machine is equipped with below mentioned features before performing any task/activity on above said portal and its sub portals.
Requirements Specifications
Operating System Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Ubuntu (recommended)
Office Software Standard Office Suite (Microsoft Office / OpenOffice)
Internet Browser Google Chrome (Ver. 25 or above) / Mozilla Firefox (Ver. 21 or above) (recommended)

Java Latest version (please see –
Adobe Reader Latest version (please see -
Internet connectivity 512 KBPS
Obtaining a Digital Certificate

The user need to obtain the digital certificate as the data that is prepared online is required to be encrypted and the hash of the Data Is required to be signed electronically using a digital certificate (Class – II or Class – III). This is done to maintain the security of the data and also to establish the identity of the user transacting on the System. The digital certificates are issued by an approved certifying authority, authorized by the controller of certifying authorities of Government of India through their authorized representatives upon receipt of documents.

The user can obtain Digital Certificate form any of the approved certifying authority or their sub certifying authority. For process of application for digital certificate, click here. For Forms click here.

Contractor Registration (Creation of User Id /Password)

The user who wishes to participate in the tender has to create User ID and Password on the portal and should keep the following point in mind before creating any ID:-

1) It is advised that User ID should be same as name of Firm/Agency/Organisation/Company etc. If the name of organization is too big in that case first letters may be taken for sake of User ID creation.

2) Password Complexity there shall be Minimum 8 characters in password including minimum three combination from the below:

a. English uppercase characters (A to Z)

b. English lower case characters (a to z)

c. Base 10 digits (0 to 9)

d. Non alphabetic characters/ special characters (!, @, $, #, %)

3) User(s) are advised to change their password frequently to avoid any unexpected event like passwords forget/ blocking etc. The system will remind the bidder to change password after 180 days.

4) The password reset would be mandatory if 5 consecutive wrong passwords are entered. User cannot reset the password with the last three password set

5) Verification and Validation of User on

User will be mandated fill a valid unique email ID while creating user id. System will send a link on the email ID registered at the time of user creation. The user has to click on the link received on the email. System will validate the email ID. If it is found correct only than system will allow the user to login for completing left additional registration details fields of online form. If all required fields get filled in proper manner the user will be approved automatically by the system. The above approve user validity of registration will be (1) One Year.

Provision for Online Payment Option

To submit the Bids online, the Vendors are required to make a payment using the Electronic Payments Gateway Service of Rs. 1038/- (Rupees One Thousand Thirty Eight only) towards the fees of the Service Provider. The various options of making online payments are available on the Home Page of the System or you may click here to know the various options of making online payments.